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The root stock used for apples influences size of the mature tree, age to fruit bearing, cold hardiness and adaptability to specific soil types. Apple trees on M7 root stock are approximately 12' tall when fully grown, and bear fruit sooner than trees grown on B118 or M111. B118 and M111 produce mature trees that are approximately 16' tall. B118 trees can handle sandy soils better than M7 and M111.

* Number in (  ) indicates the number of Premium Grade trees that are available. Premium Grade trees are too large to ship, pickup or delivery only.

Root stock listed with numbers under root stock indicating number of 

#1 Select Grade followed by number of (Premium Grade) trees available.


B118  root stock  - (4) 

M111  root stock - Sold Out 

A red fleshed, small to medium sized apple. On the tart side for fresh eating, but the red flesh makes for interesting sauce and juice. Good disease resistance.

almata apple stock.jpg

Arkansas Black

B118 root stock -  Sold Out

M7 root stock -    Sold Out

M111  root stock - Sold Out

A very late maturing apple, mid to late October. The fruit is dark red, almost black in appearance. Flesh is crisp and very firm with a tart flavor. Stores very well and flavor mellows in storage. This is a great variety to add in a cider blend, providing a high acid, "spicy" flavor. Shows very good disease resistance. Best suited for growing zones 5 and warmer. A very disease resistant tree demonstrating vigorous growth. An excellent late season wildlife plot tree, definitely one of our favorite varieties.

arkansas black.jpg

Big Dog

B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M111  root stock  - 7 

A disease resistant crabapple. Bigger than a golf ball in size. Original parent tree was growing in zone 4, so a very cold hardy variety. Matures in early Fall, but does have an extended drop time providing a food source will into early Winter. Bares a nice crop of fruit at an early age.

big dog apple_edited.jpg

Blue Pearmain

B118 root stock - Sold Out 

M111 root stock -  Sold Out

A uniquely colored, heirloom variety apple. Matures in mid October with a bluish haze over a deep red skin. Good disease resistance. Dense, crisp flesh with a rich while mildly tart flavor. Stores well.

Blue Pearmain apple stock_edited.jpg

Centennial Crabapple 

M111 root stock -  3

Centennial Crab is extremely cold hardy–up to zone 3. This crab is an easy tree to grow; it is scab and cedar apple rust resistant and somewhat fireblight resistant. The fruit is medium to large, about two inches in diameter, and slightly elongated. The skin is bright red mottled over orange, and the flesh is white, sweet, and mildly acidic. 


Chestnut Crabapple

B118 root stock -  Sold Out

M111  root stock  -  Sold Out


A very disease resistant "crab" sized apple. Golf ball sized apple that is juicy and sweet. Good for fresh eating or apple sauce. A great pollinizer for other apple trees. Very cold hardy tree. Matures late August into September. A great choice for wildlife plots as well.

Chestnut Crabapple.jpg

Court Pendu Plat

B118 root stock - Sold Out

M111  root stock -   Sold Out

The Court Pendu Plat apple tree was first recognized in France in early 1600's for its exceptional qualities. Skin is greenish-yellow becoming flushed with orange-red with short broken stripes. A good cropper with rich, aromatic fruit with a good balance of sugar and acid; the flavor further develops after harvest. Court Pendu Plat apple tree was also referred to as the "Wise Apple" since it's suitable for areas with late spring frost since it blooms very late. Tree has good disease resistance.

Apple - Court Pendu Plat_edited.jpg


B118 root stock - (1)


M111 root stock - Sold Out

A red fleshed crabapple recommended by Michigan State University as an addition to cider blends. Sweet and tart flavor described as cranberry, strawberry, brambleberries, fruity, acidic, medium mouthfeel, and tannic finish.  Small, long conic fruit. Developed in North Dakota, introduced 1953. Matures late August, prolific bearer. Has shown good disease resistance for us.



B118  root stock  - 2 (5)


M111  root stock - Sold Out


Matures late August into September. Juicy, semi-tart flavor. Very good disease resistance. Excellent pollinizer for other apple trees. Excellent wildlife tree. Very cold hardy, can handle zone 4.



B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M111 root stock -  (1)

A medium size apple. Very crisp, white flesh, mildly sweet. Tree is early to bear and very precocious. Apples keep well in storage. Very hardy tree. Matures in late September. Shows good resistance to fire blight and cedar apple rust. A variety still quite popular as a You-pick apple orchard selection.



B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M7 root stock -  Sold Out

M111 root stock - Sold Out

A bright red skinned, medium sized apple. Vigorous growing, spreading tree form. Moderately tart, but mellows in storage. Stores well. Matures mid to late October.  Late blooming. Trees have excellent disease resistance. Another one of our favorite recommendations for a great wildlife tree as well.



B118  root stock  - (6)

M111 root stock -  (4)


A selection from historic Arbor Day Farms.

Originating in before 1900 this variety shows very good disease resistance.

Franklin apple arbor farms pic_edited.jpg


M111 root stock -  9


Great resistance to apple scab, powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, and fire blight. This vigorous tree has a spreading canopy. Large bright-red fruit with a juicy tender flesh great for fresh eating, cider, juicing and cooking. Cold-hardy. Ripens in late September. 

Freedom Apple.jpg


B118  root stock  - Sold Out

M7  root stock - Sold Out


M111  root stock - Sold Out


This Gala has a very dark, deep red skin color. Prolonged bloom period, with a mid season bloom. Matures late August, early September. Vigorous, productive tree with sweet, aromatic fruit. Keeps well in storage.

gala apple_edited.jpg


B118  root stock  - Sold Out

M7 root stock - Sold Out


M111 root stock -  Sold Out

A Gala hybrid apple with improved disease resistance. Crisp, sweet flesh. Stores well. Matures in late September.  The fruit is medium sized, orangish-red over a yellow background.  The flavor is crisp and sweet.  It will store well.  It ripens in late September into mid October, almost two weeks after the typical Gala. A favorite of our family.


Geneva  "Husker"

B118  root stock  - (4)


M111 root stock -  Sold Out

Red fleshed; eating quality fair; excellent for jelly. Red juice makes for interesting cider. Tree: hardy; productive; annual cropping leaves green with reddish bronze tinge; fruits drop from tree as they ripen. Matures in late August.

geneva 2.jpg
geneva 1.jpg

Golden Delicious


M111 root stock - 2

Large, sweet, juicy golden yellow fruit. It is a favorite for pies, sauce, cooking, juice and all purposes. Stores well. Harvest mid-season in late September to early October.



M111  root stock  -  4


B118  root stock   -  (3)

A very fine, high quality disease resistant (susceptible to Cedar Apple Rust) golden apple with a pretty blush. It is one of the latest harvesting apples, so may not ripen properly in northern areas. However, letting it hang as long as possible and storing for a while before eating will allow it to mellow. It is very firm, crisp and juicy. Tart at harvest it will develop a very rich, well balanced flavor after a few weeks of storage. It stores very well. We find it a good substitute for Granny Smith when the fruit is picked before it is fully ripe, the variety is a more vigorous grower than Granny Smith.

Goldrush apple 1.jpg

Granny Smith


M111 root stock - Sold Out

Bright green colored apple. Crisp and very tart. Very late to mature and keeps well. Matures late October into early November.



B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M7 root stock - 12

M111 root stock -  (2)

The original  "Red Delicious". This is the parent apple from which the current "Red Delicious" apples originated. A sweet distinct flavor, much more flavor than current grocery store "Red Delicious". Some resistance to fire blight and cedar apple rust. Late flowering. Late September maturity.

Hewes (Virgina Crabapple)

B118  root stock  - (2)


M7 root stock -  Sold Out


M111  root stock  -  Sold Out

Originated in Virginia in the early 1700s. Grown by both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. A great hard cider apple and excellent pollinator. Flesh is firm, juicy with excellent flavor 1 1/2" diameter. Matures September. Vigorous growing variety with great disease resistance. It gets our vote as a great selection for wildlife planting as well.

Hewes crabapple.jpg


B118 root stock - 1


M111 root stock - 5

Sweet, juicy and very crisp. Very cold hardy. Resistant to fire blight and scab. Matures mid September. Tree is productive and early to bear. It is susceptible to Cedar Apple Rust.

Honeycrisp apple_edited.jpg


B118  root stock  -   Sold Out


M7  root stock  -   Sold Out

M111 root stock - Sold Out

Keener is a vigorous grower, showing excellent disease resistance. This apple takes on a bronze colored, russetted skin. A very unique color. Small to medium in size, white fleshed, fine grained, crisp and juicy. Early October maturity, stores well.

keener apple.jpg


B118  root stock  - Sold Out

M111 root stock -   Sold Out

Kerr Crabapple is a unique cross of Dolgo crabapple and Haralson apple which bears large, flavorful, crisp and juicy, dark red fruit. Kerr is very hardy (to minus 50ºF!!!), productive and has good disease resistance, (some susceptibility to Scab). A favorite with kids, attractive Kerr fruit is great for fresh eating and makes tasty jelly.

Kerr apple_edited.jpg

Kinnairds Choice

B118  root stock  - Sold Out

M7  root stock - 3 (2)


M111  root stock  - 7

A heirloom apple variety that originated in Tennessee around 1855. Dark red skin if exposed to full sun. Medium to large size. Juicy, aromatic, fine grained flesh with abundant "apple" flavor. Late September maturity. Nice level of sweetness without being overly sweet. Has good disease resistance. Fast growing tree.

kinnaird stock.jpg



B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M111 root stock  -  Sold Out


A very disease resistant variety. Maturity in mid to late September. Flesh is crisp, white and very juicy, sweet-tart flavor. Tree shows good vigor.


Liberty apple_edited.jpg

Lil' Benny

M111  root stock - (1) 

A small red on green apple that ripens in late July / August. The tree is a heavy producer of smaller sized apples. Great early season apple, crisp, juicy and full of flavor in a lunch box sized apple.


B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M111  root stock - Sold Out

A smaller (golf ball sized), red-fleshed crab apple that produces a deep red, astringent juice when pressed. It is being used successfully by several commercial cider operations in North America, partly for the intense red color. Vigorous grower, heavy bearing which can lead it to become biannual, very good disease resistance.

otterson apple skin.jpg

Pink Lady 

B118  root stock - Sold Out

M7  root stock  -  2 (2)


M111  root stock -  Sold Out

A vigorous growing tree, producing medium sized apples. Pink skin over a yellow back ground. Dense, fine grained flesh is crisp with a complex sweet- tart flavor. Resists browning when sliced. Matures in late October.



B118  root stock  -  Sold Out


M7  root stock  -     15

M111 root stock  -  Sold Out

A late July maturing, yellow skinned apple. Very good disease resistance. Firm, crisp, juicy flesh for an early season apple. Keeps well. Later blooming, precocious tree. Taste is similar to Golden Delicious. Fruit is suitable for all uses. One of our favorites for a late summer apple.



M7 root stock - Sold Out 

M111 root stock - Sold Out

A  early August maturing apple. Free refers to disease resistance not color! A variety with great disease resistance. Bares at an early age. Juicy, sweet, crisp flesh. Does not store particularly well. 

redfree apple_edited.jpg

State Fair

B118   root stock  - Sold Out 


M111  root stock  -  Sold Out

An August maturing apple, Flavor is refreshing, slightly tart to sweet. Juicy, yellow flesh. Good for eating or baking. Medium size with red, striped skin. Doesn't store particularly well. Tree is very cold hardy into zone 4.

state fair apple_edited.png

St. Edmunds Pippin

 M111 root stock - Sold Out

Saint Edmund's Pippin apple tree was discovered in the town of Bury St. Edmunds, England, around 1870. St. Edmunds Pippin apples are considered the best early russet and listed among the six favorite apples grown in England. Saint Edmund's Pippin apples are flat uniform-sized apple covered with a smooth, pale, beautiful fawn- colored russet. Crisp, yellowish flesh, with pear-like flavor. Great for cider as well as eating fresh out of hand. Shows some resistance to scab and cedar apple rust. 

St Edmunds Pippin.jpg

Sweet 16


B118  root stock  - 1


M111 root stock -  Sold Out

A popular apple for very cold northern regions. It ripens in early fall, just ahead of Honeycrisp. It is crisp and juicy with an exotic yellow flesh and a very sweet, unusual sugar cane or cherry candy flavor. The fruit stores for 5 to 8 weeks. It is a good all purpose apple.

Sweet Dog


M111 root stock - SOLD OUT

A apple variety originating from the cold zone 4 region of northern Minnesota. Lunch box size apple. Matures early September. Excellent disease resistance, bears young and a heavy crop. Crisp with a slight sweetness. Yellow skinned with a touch of russeting.

Sweet Dog.jpg



B118  root stock  - 1


M111 root stock - 3 

Trailman originated with the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, and introduced in 1973. The tree is vigorous, upright spreading, precocious, annually productive, and a heavy bearer. It is hardy to Zone 1, and highly resistant to fire blight. A smaller, oblong shaped apple. The skin is thin, yellow blushed or overlaid with brownish red. The flesh is golden yellow, crisp, sub acid, and juicy with a pleasant and slightly nutty flavor. It is excellent for fresh eating, cooking, canning, and fair to good for juicing. 

trailman stock.jpg


B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M111 root stock -  Sold Out

A smaller, very hardy late fall apple. Tree has very good disease resistance. Sweet while still slightly tart. Excellent cider apple. Stores extremely well.


Yellow Dog

B118  root stock  - (1)


M111 root stock -  SOLD OUT

A golf ball sized crabapple, yellow skin, with bright white flesh. Cold hardy to zone 4. Matures mid September. Good disease resistance.

Yellow Dog2 apple my pic.jpg

Williams Pride

B118  root stock  -  Sold Out


M7  root stock  - Sold Out


M111 root stock -   Sold Out

Highly rated for flavor, keeping quality and disease resistance. It ripens in early August and is one of the best of the early apples. The medium-sized, red fruit has a sweet, rich, spicy flavor. The tree is very productive with strong, well-angled branches. Immune to apple scab and resistant to mildew, cedar rust and fireblight, it's also an early season bloomer with unusually long-lasting blossoms. 

williams pride apple_edited.jpg

Wolf River


B118  root stock  - Sold Out


M7 root stock -  Sold Out

M111 root stock - 1

A very large apple. Soft, tender flesh. Excellent for baking and drying. Very vigorous, spreading form. Mid September maturity. Keeps well. Excellent disease resistance.

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