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Blueberry and Strawberry Plants


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All blueberry plants come as 6" plugs. We have seen tremendous growth from our plants even in year one. $12/ plant.



Blueray is an early-midseason blueberry variety. The large, dark-blue berries, with sweet, high-quality flavor, make Blueray an excellent choice for the home gardener. The bush is vigorous, productive, and winter-hardy. It grows to a height of 4–6 feet. Blueray is widely planted throughout the Northeast and Midwest.


Northland blueberry, a variety developed by Michigan State University, has excellent winter hardiness. It has produced a consistent crop following winter temperatures as low as -30F. The medium-size berries are very flavorful—similar to wild blueberries. The plant grows to about 4 feet, with attractive foliage throughout the fall.


Reka blueberry, an early season blueberry variety bred in New Zealand, is one of the fastest growing and most adaptable varieties we have seen. A very vigorous variety. Fruit is an attractive dark-blue color and the plant produces large crops. Its winter hardiness is rated equivalent to Bluecrop. 

All blueberry plants are $12 each

blueray blueberry.jpg

Strawberries are available in the following varieties and must be purchase in quantities of 10 plants. $15/ 10 plants

Early Season - AC Wendy

The strawberry is wedge-shaped to conic, with firm, bright red colored flesh. Wendy has an excellent, fresh flavor. Plants are vigorous and runner well. They are moderately resistant to powdery mildew and red stele, but susceptible to vertcillium wilt. Frost damage potential, as it is very early flowering. Trials showed Wendy to be highly productive, of good quality, and it held its fruit size throughout the season. We highly recommend this variety. 

Mid Season - Allstar

Allstar strawberry produces a good crop of large, light-colored, sweet berries. Glossy, firm fruit makes this variety excellent for fresh eating. This widely adapted variety has performed consistently well from the East to central Midwest. It is highly resistant to red stele, with intermediate resistance to Verticillium wilt.

Late Season - Cavendish

Cavendish strawberry, which originates in Nova Scotia, is the result of a cross between two varieties known for their winter hardiness and attractive, large fruit. It produces high yields that ripen over a long growing season. Excellent flavor and overall quality of the fruit makes this variety a good choice for commercial and home use. Cavendish is highly resistant to red stele and has some resistance to Verticillium wilt. 

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