Our cherry varieties are selected primarily for cold hardiness. Suitable for zone 5 and warmer. 

Sweet Cherry

Kristin - Dark purple, sweet cherry. Crack resistant. Matures late June.

Regina - Dark red skin and flesh. Sweet-tart flavor. Crack resistant. Matures mid July.

Balaton -  The fruit is large and very firm with a red juicy flesh. This is a very high-quality tart cherry selection and is recommended for fresh markets, processing and the home garden. Mid July maturity. Self fertile.

Black Gold - A dark red, sweet.  A Stella x Gold cross.  Trees are self-fertile and late blooming, producing firm fruit with good size. Mid July maturity.

Lambert -  One of the oldest known sweet-cherry varieties. Large size, dark skin and flesh, heart shaped fruit. Matures in July, still grown grown commercially in large numbers. Reported to be self-fertile but sets more fruit with cross-pollination.

Lapins- Large fruit size, dark skin and flesh. Excellent pollinator for many other sweet cherry varieties. Self-fertile. Mid season maturity. Better resistance to cracking when fruit is mature.

Tart/ Pie Cherry

Montmorency -  a cold-hardy hybrid species that ripens early in the season. The medium-large, bright red fruit has a firm yellow flesh; clear juice; and a rich, tart flavor that bakers and jam makers love.This tree is self-fertile, but planting two or more trees will ensure the best crop.