We have attempted to categorize these pear trees by their approximate maturity dates. Pears require a 2nd variety planted nearby for pollination.

​ Summer

Ayers - Small early season pear, very juicy. Golden russet with rose colored blush. Mid August maturity, resistant to fire blight.

Stacey - A small, sweet pear. Matures in mid August. Tree is reportedly very cold hardy to -40.

Sunrise - Yellow skin with a slight red blush. Matures mid August and stores very well. Very good fire blight resistance.

Early Fall

Douglas- Cold hardy to zone 4, precocious, fire blight resistant, sweet, juicy and white fleshed.

Flemish Beauty - Reportedly cold hardy to -30. Large, round fruit, creamy - yellow skin blushed with red. Melting, sweet tender flesh. High degree of self- fertility. Mature late September into early October.

Gourmet - A cold hardy, dessert style pear. Flesh is firm, crisp and juicy similar to the Asian style pears but with the European style taste. Originated in South Dakota. Stores well. Matures in mid Sept.

Harrow Sweet - Shape and size similar to a Bartlett, but skin has a red blush. Sweet, melting flesh. Matures mid September. Very good resistance to fire blight. Stores well.

Magness - Medium sized, yellow skin pear with a light brown russet. Flesh is soft and sweet. Tree is vigorous with a spreading form. Matures mid September. Resistant to fire blight. Not suitable for use as a pollenizer for other pears. Thicker skin minimizes insect damage.

Nova - Large, round shaped pear. Juicy, buttery flesh. Hangs well past maturity. Some resistance to fire blight. Matures mid September. Reportedly cold hardy to -40 degrees.

Parker - Medium to large sized pear with yellow skin and a red blush. Fine grained, buttery, juicy flesh. Very cold hardy to -30.

Potomac - Fine, buttery, juicy flesh. Vigorous growing tree. Matures in mid September. Resistant to fire blight.

Seckel - (AKA "Sugar Pear")  Small sized pear. Outstanding flavor. High quality dessert type pear. A productive, hardy tree with average growth speed. Good resistance to fire blight.

Late Fall

Johantorp - Late maturing , very cold hardy.

Kieffer - Large pear with yellow-green skin. Crisp, juicy, course, white flesh. Excellent for cooking. Very hardy tree that has very good resistance to fire blight, Matures early October. Tree is precocious. Fruit stores well. 

Luscious - A cold hard to -30 tree. Good resistance to fire blight. Crisp, sweet, juicy flesh. Originated in South Dakota. Tree bears early. Matures in late September.