Our apricot varieties are selected primarily for cold hardiness. Suitable for zone 4 and warmer. 

‚Äč Summer

Golden Giant - Self fertile and precocious. Large fruit, flesh is firm, melting, free stone, sweet and moderately juicy.  Tree is hardy to -30 degrees.

Montrose - Hardy to -30 degrees. Self fertile, very vigorous grower, precocious tree. Medium sized, sweet and juicy fruit. Late to break dormancy. Extended bloom time.

Alfred - Small, orange-yellow fruit. Very productive tree, self fertile tree. Tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions. Consistently late bloomer.

Harglow - A Canadian developed variety. Fruit ripens late. Orange skin with a red blush. Medium sized fruit, freestone and firm. Tends to be a later blooming variety with good resistance to bacterial spot and brown rot. Tree has a compact and somewhat spreading growth habit.

Zard - Late blooming, self fertile. Medium sized, pale yellow, sweet fruit. Ripens late July. Tree is cold hardy to -30 degrees with an upright growth habit.

Goldrich - Large fruit. Firm, fine textured flesh. Vigorous, hardy productive trees. Matures in early July. Requires cross pollination.

Goldcot - Medium sized fruit. Firm flesh. Somewhat self fertile, cross pollination will increase fruit set. Matures early July.