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Cherry Trees for Sale

All cherries grafted onto Mahaleb Root Stock.

* Number in  ( ) indicates number of larger trees available.


Kristen has large, dark fruits that crack resistant, sweet, juicy, aromatic. Tree tends to bare heavily. One of the cold hardiest dark, sweet cherry varieties.

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kristin cherry.jpg


A cold-hardy hybrid species that ripens early in the season. The medium-large, bright red fruit has a firm yellow flesh; clear juice; and a rich, tart flavor that bakers and jam makers love.This tree is self-fertile, but planting two or more trees will ensure the best crop.

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Montmorency cherry.jpg


The fruit is large and very firm with a red juicy flesh. This is a very high-quality tart cherry selection and is recommended for fresh markets, processing and the home garden. Mid July maturity. Self fertile.

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Balaton cherry.jpg


Jubileum is an very early maturing, dark purplish-red tart cherry variety, ripening ten days before Montmorency. It is dark fleshed and excellent to start the season. It hangs very well on the tree, just getting sweeter and sweeter. Great for fresh eating or any use. Self fertile.

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jubileum cherry.jpg


Danube is a new cultivar for the United States. The fruit is medium to large, dark red, and sweeter than Montmorency. The trees are very productive. It ripens earlier than Montmorency and has red juice and flesh. It is great for eating out of hand or cooking. It has good keeping qualities for a tart cherry. Self fertile.

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North Star

The North Star Cherry tree is a dwarf cherry tree that technically makes the cut for being a “micro tree.” Don’t that let small footprint fool you, this tree was bred for its astonishing fruit yield and hardy qualities. This tree gets 8 to 10-feet tall with a spread of 6 to 8-feet. These features make this tree a great choice for even the smallest gardens. The white flower color retains that iconic quality you want from cherry trees. In the fall, this tree turns a stunning shade of purple. Tart flavor, but suitable for fresh eating or baking.

Self fertile, but tends to set heavier crops with cross pollination.

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