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Mystery Trees!

Every nursery has those few trees that lose their tags. So they become mystery trees! These trees are perfectly healthy and actually most are larger sized trees. These trees are one of the great varieties we normally grow. If you like surprises or are perhaps looking for a tree just to plant for wildlife purposes these trees will fit the bill. Price is only $11/ tree. Only available to order through email, not available through the on-line store.

2 Apples available

This year we have some tiny trees available as well. These trees are healthy, but they are smaller than what we consider #1 Select. Unfortunately, due to their location in the nursery they need to find a good home by next Spring. Sometimes good things come in small packages! If you don't mind giving a tree a little extra care these could use a good home! $5/ tree while they last. These trees can only be ordered through email, they are not available through the on-line store.

Mount Royal Plum - 8 available

Toka Plum - 3 available

Alderman Plum - 1 available

Goldrush apple  - 3 available

Zard apricot - 3 available

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