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Orchard Cover Crop Seed

Cover crops, whether seasonal or permanent, can have added benefit over turf grass in an orchard area. Cover crops like clover can attract pollinator species to your orchard area, thus helping fruit tree pollination. Clover often does not need to be mowed to remain tidy looking and also does a great job of producing Nitrogen naturally in the soil thus helping to boost soil fertility for your trees. Other "cover crop" plant varieties can do a great job in increasing soil organic matter and increasing soil fertility which boosts tree root growth. If you have a tree order, we are happy to combine seed and tree orders for ease of order pick up or potentially shipping as well.

Dutch Clover - low growing, produces Nitrogen, attracts pollinators, perennial

1/2lb / 1,000 sq ft 

Buckwheat -fast growing annual, shades out weed species, attracts pollinators, good for surface compaction blooms in as little as 3 weeks, builds soil organic matter

3lbs/ 1,000 sq ft

Cereal Rye - fast establishment in cool temperatures, suppresses weed growth, good for adding organic material to soil, breaks up surface compaction

2lbs/ 1,000 sq ft

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