Our peach varieties are selected primarily for cold hardiness. Suitable for zone 5 and warmer. Peaches are self fertile and do not require a second variety nearby for cross pollination.

‚Äč Summer

Garnet Beauty - Sport of Red Haven. Firm, free stone peach. Matures late July.

Reliance - Medium sized peach. Free stone. Good for canning and freezing. Matures early August.

Red Haven - Fruit skin color is more red than "peachy". Juicy, sweet fruit suitable for all uses. Good resistance to bacterial spot. Matures mid August.

Contender - Large, free stone peach. Colors up well. A hardy, productive tree that matures in late August. Blossoms show more frost tolerance than other varieties. Bacterial spot tolerant.

Veteran - This variety is considered one of the most cold hardy peaches. The fruit is golden yellow with a slight red blush, medium to large with excellent quality for both fresh eating and canning. The trees are vigorous and productive, and they will tolerate cold temperatures during bloom better than many other peach varieties.

Early Fall