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Peach Trees for Sale

Peach varieties are listed below from earliest to latest maturing.

Reliance -  Medium sized, free stone peach. Good for canning and freezing. Matures early August

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Red Haven -  Fruit skin is more red than "peachy" in color. Juicy, sweet fruit suitable for fresh eating . Free stone peach. Matures mid August. Good to resistance to bacterial spot.

19 Available

redhaven peach.jpg

Contender -  Large, free stone peach. Colors up well. A hardy, productive tree that matures in late August. Blooms show more frost tolerance than other varieties.  Bacterial spot tolerant.

5 Available


Veteran -  This variety is considered one of the most cold hardy peach varieties. The fruit is golden yellow with a slight red blush, medium to large in size, with excellent quality for both fresh eating and canning. Trees are vigorous and productive, tolerates cold temperatures during bloom than other varieties. Matures late August.

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Redskin -  Fruit medium sized. Firm, yellow flesh. Deep red color over a yellow background.  Matures early September.

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