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Pear Trees for Sale

All pears grafted to OHxF  root stock.


Fine, buttery, juicy flesh. Vigorous growing tree. Matures in mid September. Resistant to fire blight.

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Potomac pear.jpg


Fine, butte Yellow skin with a slight red blush. Matures mid August and stores very well. Very good fire blight resistance.

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Harrow Sweet

Fine, Shape and size similar to Bartlett, but skin has a red blush. Sweet, melting flesh. Matures mid September. Very good resistance to fire blight. Stores well.

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Harrow Sweet pear.jpg


Fine, (AKA "Sugar Pear") Small sized pear. Outstanding flavor. High quality dessert style. A productive, hardy tree with avverage growth speed. Good resistance to fire blight.

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seckel pear.jpg
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