We have attempted to categorize these pear trees by their approximate maturity dates. Pears require a 2nd variety planted nearby for pollination.

​ Summer

Ayers - Small early season pear, very juicy. Golden russet with rose colored blush. Mid August maturity, resistant to fire blight.

Sunrise - Yellow skin with a slight red blush. Matures mid August and stores very well. Very good fire blight resistance.

Early Fall

Douglas- Cold hardy to zone 4, precocious, fire blight resistant, sweet, juicy and white fleshed.

Harrow Sweet - Shape and size similar to a Bartlett, but skin has a red blush. Sweet, melting flesh. Matures mid September. Very good resistance to fire blight. Stores well.

Potomac - Fine, buttery, juicy flesh. Vigorous growing tree. Matures in mid September. Resistant to fire blight.

Seckel - (AKA "Sugar Pear")  Small sized pear. Outstanding flavor. High quality dessert type pear. A productive, hardy tree with average growth speed. Good resistance to fire blight.

Late Fall

Kieffer - Large pear with yellow-green skin. Crisp, juicy, course, white flesh. Excellent for cooking. Very hardy tree that has very good resistance to fire blight, Matures early October. Tree is precocious. Fruit stores well.