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Plum Trees for Sale

All plums grafted to Myrobalan Root Stock.


Upright, spreading tree, vigorous grower. Later blooming with good frost tolerance. 1 1/4" diameter, yellow skin with a pink blush. Ripens late July.

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Lacrescent plum.jpg

Mount Royal 

An heirloom plum variety that is extremely cold hardy. It is a European type prune plum that produces small to medium fruits that have blue skin, sweet yellow/green flesh and are round in shape. Unique as unlike most prune plums which are oval in shape. Known for producing very heavy yields.

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Toka (Bubblegum)

 Has a reddish- brown skin color. Yellowish flesh color. A distinct, bubble gum like flavor when ripe. Moderate vigor. Heavy bearer. Very cold hardy. Needs a pollenizer. Matures late August. 

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Toka Plum.jpg


Spreading, vigorous, precocious tree. Abundant, large white flowers. Mid to late bloom time. 2" sized fruit, dark red skin. Golden, sweet, juicy flesh. Keeps well. Matures late August.

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Alderman Fruit in hand.jpg

Silver Prune
Self fertile. Later blooming. Dense, spreading growth habit. Moderate vigor. Fruit is round with a pale yellow skin. Pleasing sweet flavor.

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South Dakota

Fruit is yellow, medium sized, freestone. Tree is very hardy and an excellent pollenizer for other American hybrid plums. Matures mid August.


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