The majority of trees we sell are classified as #1 Select Grade. These trees are 1/2" diameter or larger, primarily branchless whips. Trees that are shipped to buyers are headed back to approximately 40" tall. This heading balances out the roots to the top growth after the tree is dug. These young whips when planted in good soil and given proper care will grow at a quick rate. Trees picked up directly from us may be taller. 

Fall ordered trees require a $7 / tree deposit, due within 30 days of the order being placed. This deposit is non refundable after January 1st. All orders are required to be paid in full prior to shipping or delivery. Trees ordered after January 1st are required to be paid in full at the time of the order.

Apple and pear trees  $23/ea. Cherry, peach, plum and apricot  $25/ea.

New for 2021-22 we will have a limited number of Premium Grade trees. These trees have a larger diameter than our #1 selects and have a minimum of 3 established branches. On average these trees are also 6' tall or taller. Larger trees cannot be shipped, they are available for pickup or delivery only. Premium Grade trees are $35/ ea.

Keep in mind that we ship in 3 different sized boxes. FedEx and UPS charge by "dimensional weight" as opposed to actual box weight. As an example, it costs us and you the same amount to ship 5 trees as it does 10 trees! To give you the best value per tree, it is to your advantage to fill the shipping box.

All trees are guaranteed to leaf out the spring in which they are planted, we must be notified by June 15th of the planting year for tree replacement or refund. We can, occasionally, ship trees in the fall, but please be aware that fall shipped trees DO NOT carry a guarantee.  If a spring planted tree fails to leaf out it will be replaced by the following growing season. If we are unable to provide a replacement, we will refund the purchase price of the tree.

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