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While our primary business is grafting and growing the best trees we can for you, we do provide the following services as time permits. Contact us for further information.

Custom Grafting

Wish you had another of an existing tree you already have, but you don't know which variety it is? We can graft you an exact copy of your existing tree! We can also graft new varieties onto an existing tree to give you a multi- variety tree.
All of the fruit trees we sell at Turkey Creek Trees are grafted. Grafting is the only way to ensure that a fruit tree sold as a certain variety, is genetically identical and true to the parent variety. The only way to get a new Gala apple tree is to graft a portion of the living tissue from the existing tree to a new root stock portion. That grafted material then grows and produces a entirely new tree! Its a process that has been around for 100s of years. Seeds planted from fruit trees are NOT identical genetically to the parent and will not produce the same quality and have the same characteristics as the parent tree.

We can put those great new trees in the ground for you. Along with planting we can also install rodent and deer exclusion. 
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We can provide professional, on site pruning for your existing fruit trees. With the proper tools and techniques, we can revitalize trees increasing the chances that your trees can produce at their full potential. Proper pruning helps your trees stay healthy and productive. 

Do you want to take on the task yourself? Click the button below to go to our detailed pruning page.
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